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About Us

Nacre Capital is a global venture builder specialized in creating, building and growing disruptive start-ups with deep technologies that significantly impact lives.

We are an international team of entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts including – pioneering scientists, renowned technologists, researchers, growth experts and thought leaders – that together develop and transform ventures into world-class disruptive market-leading companies.

Our Model

We bring onboard the best entrepreneurs and talent to imagine and create new ventures from scratch. We work together to successfully transform novel ideas into fast-growing, market-leading companies.

1. Imagine

We identify fundamental needs and imagine and explore groundbreaking solutions to address them. We focus on scalable solutions that match market needs.

2. Build

We take a hands-on approach to create and build companies; recruiting the most capable team, providing financial, business development and legal support.

3. Grow

We provide ongoing financial, legal and recruiting support and market access, staying actively involved to scale our ventures globally.

Our Portfolio

Our inhouse portfolio of companies solve complex fundamental problems that impact society through real breakthrough innovation employing deep technology.



Fairtility transforms the IVF sector with its leading, innovative AI-based embryo-selection system, significantly increasing the efficiency and outcomes of IVF.



Seed-X developed the world’s first AI-based seed analysis solution which optimizes seed & grain supply chains, creating a smarter, more secure future for food.



FDNA is a leading digital health and AI company operating in the rare disease and genetics space and is used by thousands of physicians in more than 130 states.



CyberMDX offers the most advanced cybersecurity solution in the market for the protection and management of healthcare and IoT enterprise assets. Acquired by Forescout on 2022



Aquaticode breaks biological boundaries using advanced AI to enable precision farming and increase efficiency, sustainability and profitability of aquaculture.



CureSign is developing a solution to monitor the efficacy of cancer treatment and save lives, using an implantable sensor and real-time data analytics.

MutualArt is a leading online art information platform with near to 2 million members providing personalized art news, event guides and auction results.



Glassbox provides businesses with big-data behavioral solutions and content analytics solutions for web and mobile apps, to better analyze digital interactions.



DNA1 is developing a platform for relating phenotype to genotype that accelerates discoveries in diagnostics, precision medicine and genetics.

Team Members’ Track Record

Our team members have a strong track record of building and investing in companies that have impacted billions of clients and have successfully exited through IPOs or acquisitions by market leaders including Facebook and Apple.

Our Team

Unique individuals who strengthen our network and make us greater than the sum of our parts.

Howard Morgan



Moti Shniberg



Al Brenner

Nacre Partner


Francisco Tassi

Head of Legal


Michael Sampoerna

Strategic Advisor


Peter Ho

Strategic Advisor


Paul Schickler

Agritech Advisor


Dr. Einar Wathne

Aquatech Advisor


Panni Tankó

Research Analyst


David Reis

Strategic Advisor


Lane Bess

Cybersecurity Advisor


Jessica Kelly

Research Analyst


Juan Ferreira

Agritech Advisor


Marina Kaganovich

Director of Finance


Torben Svejgaard

Aquaculture Advisor


Rosario Herrera

Finance Manager


Ana Silva

Aquaculture Research Lead


Dr. Yoni Donner

AI Research Lead


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